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Flat removals can often require slightly more planning and careful logistical operation than house removals. There can be issues with access and parking, not to mention negotiating lifts and awkward flights of stairs so attention to detail in the preparation is crucial. This is where Excalibur, as a Bristol removal service, excels. Where rival companies see a mountain, we see a molehill. Others crumble under the enormity of certain challenges, whereas we thrive on the challenge of delivering our service.

From the initial assessment of the area to the final drop off at your new location, we are thorough and meticulous. Safety is paramount and we do not compromise working conditions for our skilled staff or the belongings of our clients. Our site surveys leave nothing to chance so when it comes to your move, we provide full assurance and customer peace of mind for the day of your move, will have pre-determined any complications that may arise and both plan and prepare for any eventuality.

Why We’re The Right Fit For Your Apartment Removal Needs

If you’re moving flat or apartment & seeking a specialist removals company that is both established and reputable, Excalibur Removals Bristol is the place for you. We offer a professional removals service amassing over 35 years’ experience in the industry. Our competitive pricing and friendly tailored flat removal service is versatile enough to match your needs and surpass your moving expectations.

Our reputation for excellence proceeds us and our expert moving team provide all the help and support you need for switching locations and packing up your belongings. If you don’t have packing boxes, we can provide them for you and give advice on the best way to protect valuable or fragile items or expensive furniture located in your flat.

We boast the knowledge and experience necessary to execute your flat move in the most punctual and efficient manner possible. Our proven procedures have assisted hundreds of satisfied customers and each move is as pleasurable for us as the last one.

We offer competitive prices and affordable rates for 1 to 3 bed apartment and can provide superb value full packing services, and storage services can also be provided if required. By using reused, recycled and biodegradable packing materials, we allow you to focus on other key areas of the move with the afforded time we save you during our smooth and efficient service. You won’t regret choosing Excalibur for your flat move.

We have compiled a handy flat moving guide you may wish to check to ensure you are on the right lines ahead of the big day.

Why Choose Excalibur Home Removals

  • Over 35 years removals experience
  • Highly competitive rates
  • Specialists in local and national moves
  • Trusted and fully insured
  • Modern fleet of vehicles in various sizes

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    Flat Removal Tips

    • Ensure that you have dismantled any furniture or large items that might not fit down the stairs
    • Make sure that the lift in your block is working (if you have one) and no maintenance is scheduled for moving day
    • Try to make sure that the stairways and walkways are clear, inform your neighbours of the removal if they leave items in communal spaces
    • Allocate sufficient time to get all your belongings out of your flat, as negotiating stairs and lifts can be very time consuming
    • Travelling up and down stairs can be exhausting, make sure you’ve hired enough removal men or have recruited several friends or family members to assist
    • If you share entrances to the property with your neighbours, be as considerate as you can be and tell them about your move so they can plan around you

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