Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been established in Bristol?

Excalibur have been in business for over 35 years. During this time we have moved thousands of people into their new homes.  Check out our 100% 5-Star reviews on Google.

Do you have independent moving reviews on Google?

Yes you can view our 100% 5-star reviews directly on Google or at the top of this page. These are totally independent, and we have no control over them whatsoever. You’ll see that we have many satisfied customers when it comes to our removals in Bristol.

How do I make a removal booking?

Please call us or complete the contact form on our website. We will then contact you to understand your specific moving needs. We may complete a full survey by visiting your home. When we have all the information we will provide you will a removal quote. Once accepted we will schedule in the booking and confirm your moving date. 

How much notice do you need for bookings?

We recommend contacting us as soon as possible to discuss your move and potential dates.

How long do removals take?

We aim to carry out the full move within one day. However, this will depend on the distance you are moving and how many items are being moved.  This will be discussed during the removals survey.

What other services do you offer?

As well as domestic removals Bristol we also offer other related services such as Man With a Van Services, Student Moves, & Office Moving. Contact us on 0117 251 0288 for further details including details of costs.

How log does it take to pack a 3-bedroom house?

To pack a three-bedroom home on average will take approximately 3-5 days.

Do I need to provide my own boxes?

You can provide your own boxes if you wish.  We can also supply boxes and materials. All materials will need to be returned so that we can use them again for other moves.

How can I pack my house fast?

Speed of packing is determined by how organised and quick you are. We can offer packaging services to save you the time and stress of packing. Ask Andy for more details. 

How long does it take to pack a house by yourself?

This will depend on the size of the property and how much you have to pack. An average 3-bed house will take 3 people approximately 7-9 hours to pack.

What do you do whilst the removals team are working?

Ensure you have kept a parking space for the vehicle(s) and then be a considerate host. Ensure the area is safe for the workers and offer them refreshments and assistance if needed. If there are any items that you do not want touched make sure they are clearly labelled or moved to a safe place. 

Are you insured?

Rest assured we have full insurance in place and all of your furniture, appliances, electrical equipment & belongings. Items are covered in the event of damage or loss. Our removals manger will explain this in more detail during the quotation stage.

What type of removals services are you equiped to carry out?

We specialise in domestic removals in Bristol, and also offer a man and van service for smaller moves. We have a fleet of vehicles that are equipped to handle small and large house moves.

When should I book removals?

It’s best to contact a Excalibur Removals Bristol as soon as possible when you know that you are in need of Bristol home removals. This way you can obtain quotes and then secure your move date once it’s known. We can get booked up weeks and months in advance, and jobs on Fridays and Saturdays are particularly popular, so it’s best to make contact as early as possible.

How do I get a removals quote?

You can get a Bristol removals quote from our team by contact us by phone or contact form. We will discuss you moving requirements and may arrange to do a full home survey. When we understand the size of the job we will provide a detailed quote.

We are moving away from Bristol, can you help?

Yes, we regularly help people move to other destinations outside of Bristol. Our home removal vehicles will travel anywhere in the UK, but do not offer international services.

How many weeks does it take to move house?

Purchasing and moving to a new house from start to finish can take anything from 8-20 weeks. There are so many things involved that can influence the time.  Typically, moves that don’t involve house purchases are much easier to arrange and complete.

How many boxes are required for a 3-bed house?

You will need in the region of 30-90 boxes to move the average 3-bedroom house. An expected range of different type of boxes is small (25-30), large (40-50), and wardrobe boxes (5-10).

What should I pack first when moving?

You should pack room by room starting with those used less often like the attic, garage, or spare bedroom. 

How soon should I start packing to move?

Start with items that you do not use regularly as soon as possible. Other frequently used items should be packed closer to your removal date. See our handy moving guide for more details. 

Do your removals team disassemble beds & other furniture?

Yes, the Bristol Removals team will disassemble beds and other furniture as required. We will also reassemble all items at your new home. Provide Andy with full details at the quotation stage.