Moving House With a Dog – All You Need to Know

There is a lot to think about when moving house. You have to think about managing the move in its entirety and that alone can prove to be a stressful experience. However, if you are planning to move house with a dog then it can help to understand what is required and how to make the move easy for your dog. After all, your home has been their home and so, moving could cause them stress and anxiety as new surroundings could cause problems. Therefore, we have provided some tips and advice to make moving with your dog as easy as possible.

Moving House Preparation Tips

There are a number of things to think about when moving house with a dog, which means you’ll need to make good decisions when managing the move. This means that you should think about the entire process and plan it correctly. So, you should think about the following:

Plan Ahead Before Moving

Think about your new home and what it needs in order to remain dog-friendly. Your dog is part of your home, so you will need to consider their needs when moving.

Keep Their Routine

During the lead-up to the move, you will have a lot to think about but don’t neglect your dog. Time can be tight but making sure that you can meet their needs is important, even if your walk is shorter than usual.

Create Areas When Packing For Your Move

If you are moving around the home, carrying items and on your hands and knees a lot, your dog is going to be going wild for attention. In fact, your dog could be making a mess as you are doing so, so it can help to create closed-off areas where you and your dog are separated.

Pack Your Dog’s Belongings Last

Try to keep your dog’s items till last. If you remove them too early, they might feel stressed or even turn their attention to parts of the home. Furthermore, if they have something to play with then that will help to give them a distraction.

Familiarity is Key

Dogs are very territorial, so don’t see their old blanket as something to throw away. You should pack it and ensure that you take it with you, so your dog has something familiar once they move.

Move House With a Dog Using Our Checklist

  • Crate – Use the crate, when moving house with a dog. This is just to ensure they remain safe
  • Collar and Leash – Ensure that their leash and collar are packed and ready
  • Food – They’ll still need food in their new house, so remember to make plans to pack it.
  • Blankets – Make sure their favourite blankets are packed.  Your pet will benefit from this should they be locked up in the crate during the move
  • Toys and Treats – You’ll still need to keep them entertained during the move. So, ensure you pack their favourite dog toys.
  • Grooming Supplies – Once your dog arrives at your new home, it might start exploring. So keep those grooming supplies close to hand!

Finding a Reliable Removals Company When Moving With a Dog

To make sure that your move goes well, you can pay to use a removal company. Finding a reliable house removal company is all about researching their reputation and reading online reviews to determine if they are suitable. They should be professional, organised and efficient, and they should fill you with confidence when you meet them.

Travelling to Your New House With Your Dog

When travelling to your new house, it can help to consider the length of the journey. If your dog is not used to long journeys then you should factor in some stops. This will enable them to stretch their legs and go to the toilet.

Furthermore, if you are moving with an older dog, then you should reduce the risk and ensure that they are secure. This obviously stands for younger dogs too, but older dogs might not feel as comfortable.

If it is a hot day when moving, ensure there is enough ventilation in your car to keep your dog cool. Our advice is to also ensure your dog is wearing their collar and tag should it decide to go on a little wander. Finally, you should think about feeding your dog as far in advance as possible, this will help to reduce the risk of them becoming sick during the journey.

What to do With Your Dog During the Move

  • During the move, you should keep them locked in a quiet room. Give your pet their usual items such as their bed and a toy.
  • Ensure that they are secured in your vehicle during the move. Use a car harness or a travel crate, this will help them to settle and feel safe.
  • Add new details to their tag, including your new home address.

Friendly Tips to Help Your Dog Settle in After Moving

It’s important that you help your dog to settle in as quickly as possible. Spend time on their routine as this will give them something that feels normal. It can also help to take them for a walk as this will enable them to become familiar with the area. You should also try to introduce your dog to neighbours and other people they might encounter. Finally, you should also remember that you will need to be patient. You are the friendly face they need, so ensure you respect their feelings.

So, moving home with a dog gives you plenty more to think about. However, with the right preparation, you can move to your new home and make it as easy as possible if you follow our helpful advice.


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