Is Bristol A Good Place To Live: Reasons to Move To Bristol

Bristol is undoubtedly one of the best cities to live in in the UK. It is in a good location, has excellent schools and many different areas to choose from which means that it has plenty to offer. If you are looking for great career opportunities or you want to live in a thriving city that is going through rejuvenation, then Bristol might be the place to live. Whether you live in the city and are looking to move to a new area or you want to move into the city, our guide is going to explore all the best things about this wonderful city and why it might be a good idea to live there!

What Kind of Career Opportunities Are Available in Bristol?

Bristol offers wide and varied career opportunities as it is home to a range of industries that offer something for everyone. The city attracts many businesses ranging from start-ups to industrial businesses, IT, Technology and retail. Near the city centre, you will find the 70-hectare Urban Enterprise Zone and which has attracted a wide range of businesses, giving people access to high salaries and career opportunities. You also have large shopping centres, ports and universities that provide a variety of careers. Overall, there are not many other areas of the UK that offer excellent career opportunities like Bristol.

What Are The Schools Like?

As expected Bristol has a huge choice of schools as there are more than 129 schools throughout the area for younger children. This included infant schools, junior schools and primary schools. When it comes to secondary schools, there is also a wide choice for those who are looking for general education through to specialist education such as music. There is also a large number of private schools and those offering education to those with special needs.

For those who are moving into university, there are two located in Bristol. This includes the University of the West of England and the University of Bristol.

How Good Are The Transport Links?

The great thing about Bristol is that it has excellent transport links due to its location. You will find that access to the M4 and the M5 is easy as Bristol is connected by the M49. This makes it possible to enter Wales or head east towards London via the M4 or you can head north or south using the M4. The city also has excellent train links with Bristol Parkway being the main station in the city where you will find access to a range of train services including the Great Western Lines and other links.

Bristol also boasts its own international airport which means that you can catch both domestic and international flights that leave daily, making it possible to connect the city with other parts of the UK as well as overseas. Within the city, there is an excellent bus system, making it easy to move between areas while also making it easy to move around the city centre.

Best Place to Buy A House


Clifton is considered to be one of the more desirable areas of the city. Known to be an affluent area, it is situated on the banks of the River Avon and is considered one of the more expensive areas in the city to live. The area is packed with character with quaint streets and easy access to the city centre. There are some great walks nearby and there are brilliant schools while crime rates are low. The Georgian and Victorian houses give the area charm and character. Here you will find the famous Clifton suspension bridge as well as independent shops, restaurants, bars and cafes. It is also the location of the University of Bristol, which certainly adds to the appeal of the area.


Redland can be found just south of Henleaze as this is another place that is definitely perfect for living in. You can find that perfect balance between the hustle and bustle of the city or the peace of the quiet suburbs. You will find that the area is made up of family homes as well as villas and flats which means that there is a diverse population here ranging from young families to professionals. As it is in close proximity to the University of Bristol, students tend to spend the term time living here although there are plenty of other top schools located in the area. There is lots of history here, some great places to explore as well as restaurants and bars.


Located in the centre of Bristol, this is the best place to live if you love city life. It is a high-end area of the city and can be found between the floating harbour and the River Avon. There has been a lot of development there in recent years while you will also find a range of restaurants and bars too. There are plenty of historic places nearby too, while it is ideal for young professionals who aren’t keen on a long commute. If you are moving there with children then you will find some of the best schools here too.


Portishead is located ten miles away from the city centre which means that you can enjoy the best of both worlds if you are thinking about moving here. This is an area that is popular with families. The marina has recently been redeveloped with flats being added for professionals while there are many restaurants and shops available to enjoy too. It has no shortage of amenities and things to do which means Portishead is a good place for people who like to keep busy.


You will find Bedminster on the south side of Bristol and it has been through significant redevelopment in recent years. You will find many Victorian-style properties here and plenty of history and quirky areas. Many properties have been converted which makes it ideal for busy professionals it is only a mile away from the centre of Bristol which means that you can enjoy the hustle and bustle but also enjoy walks along the River Avon.


Knowle is a residential area that can be found to the South East of the centre of Bristol. It is popular with families as it boasts lots of green spaces that can be enjoyed. The prices are lower here although commuting into the city centre is not difficult thanks to good transport links. A lot of development has taken place as the area wants to appeal to more people which means that you will find that perfect blend of old and new.

St Pauls

This is a lively area of the city and is ideal for those who love diverse cultures and everything close at hand. It consists of Victorian and Georgian properties, many of which have been converted into flats. It is close to the city centre which does mean that prices are higher. It takes minutes to get into the centre of Bristol but here you will find Cabot Circus and the likes of the harbour which can be enjoyed with its restaurants and bars.


You will find Southville to the south of the River Avon and from here you can access the harbourside where you will find plenty of restaurants and bars. In the area, there are plenty of independent businesses too making this a thriving and popular area. It has the Tobacco Factory Theatre which is a hub for the area while it is popular with families looking to set up home in one of the many Victorian terraces in the area.

City Centre

The city centre is a hive of activity as you can imagine but here you will find plenty to keep you entertained. The cost of living in the centre is higher but with this comes a plethora of restaurants, bars and venues that you can enjoy. There are plenty of apartments available while there are many shops and shopping centres too. As you can imagine, the centre is more popular with professionals than families although if you choose the city centre and want to escape, the transport links are excellent.

Top Reasons To Live In Bristol

  1. There are plenty of beautiful places to enjoy outdoors
  2. It is steeped in history
  3. There is no shortage of shopping opportunities
  4. Excellent choice of restaurants and cuisines
  5. It is a hub for art and culture
  6. Nightlife and Music
  7. There are events going on at all times
  8. Excellent education opportunities
  9. Considered to be the best place to live in the UK
  10. Excellent employment opportunities

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