Average House Price in Bristol: Best Area to Invest in Property

If you are looking to invest in a house in Bristol, then it is important to research the different areas in Bristol. There are many lovely places to live in Bristol, but the average house prices vary according to the area, so you need to work out what are your top priorities for your new Bristol house.

List of Most Desirable Areas of Bristol and Average House Prices

We take a look at some of the best places to live in Bristol, and what makes them great, as well as the house prices in these areas.

St George

St George is a lovely spacious area of Bristol, with lots of parks, and plenty of green spaces. The average price is under £300K, with rents also on the cheaper end.


The Hotwells area of Bristol is renowned for its brightly coloured houses perched on the hillside. The average price is around £400K.

St Andrews

St Andrews is full of charming Victorian terraces and is one of the desirable areas to live in Bristol. The average price reflects this desirability being around £650K.


Totterdown has a great neighbourhood and community feel. The average house price is around the £300K mark.


Clifton is one of the desirable areas of Bristol, renowned for its Georgian properties, interspersed with many independent shops, boutiques, and cafes. The average cost of houses in Clifton is £600K.


Often described as an affluent and leafy suburb, a property in Cotham will set you back on average around £500K.


Redland is a cheaper area to live in than Clifton, with a high proportion of students in multi-occupancy housing. Prices for property in Redland, Bristol are around the £500K mark.


Southville in Bristol is just South of the river, which makes it cheaper than its Northern counterparts across the river, while still being a cool and cosmopolitan place to live. A property in Southville, Bristol will be around £450K.


Montpelier in Bristol is renowned for being one of the most trendy places to live in Bristol. Full of artists and musicians it has a laid-back vibe that makes it extremely desirable. Property in Montpelier is around the £450K mark.

City Centre

The city centre of Bristol is a fantastic place to live, right at the heart of this bustling and vibrant city. City centre property prices in Bristol are around the £350K mark.


Easton is a culturally rich and diverse community, with a wonderful mix of young families, professionals, and students. In an up-and-coming area, the typical value of a house is under £350K, so is a great choice if you are struggling with house prices in Bristol.

Why It is Good to Invest in Property in Bristol?

Bristol is a good choice city to invest in property. Bristol is always a popular city to live in, the combination of the university, job opportunities, and its location in the beautiful southwest of the country, make it a popular choice with people of all ages. Its reputation for being trendy, and full of artists and musicians do not go unfounded. All of these points mean that the Bristol housing market will be stable and show good growth, as people continually relocate to live in this vibrant city. Whether you are looking for a buy-to-let property, or a house to live in, Bristol is a good choice, and a sound investment, even in a volatile housing market.

Which are the Best Areas to Invest in Property?

If you are looking to invest in property then Bristol is a good choice. Depending on how much risk you want with your investment will help to decide which area of Bristol to buy in. The more affluent areas will give you a stable return on your investment, as well as the knowledge that you have invested in a safe area of the housing market. If you are looking for a high-profit return, then investing in property in an up-and-coming area, could be your ideal choice. There are many areas in Bristol that are becoming more popular, and buying in these areas could give you an excellent investment. Typically if you are looking to rent your house out then these areas will be full of younger people, so this is worth bearing in mind when you are looking for tenants. If you are looking to buy for yourself, many of the up-and-coming areas have a fantastic positive community feel and are lovely places to live.

Bristol’s New Development

Bristol is currently trying to increase the number of houses available across this popular city. Currently, there are plans to build across brown sites, to further utilise the available spaces in the city without building out onto the green belt. It is worth keeping an eye out for when these properties come on the market. Often these can be quirky flats in old industrial areas, which make great living quarters. To get in quickly with these properties keep an eye on the city website, which has all the build projects listed. If these new developments are in diverse areas, you may again have the potential to make a good investment by buying a property in these new developments in Bristol.

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