Removal Costs

When it comes to moving home or office, we understand the importance of removal costs. It is one of the most crucial aspects of the entire process and one that drives the decision that most people make.

At Excalibur Removals Bristol, we keep our removal service as competitive as possible and so, we do all we can to keep your removal costs down. We provide a free survey to gain an understanding of the job and the cost while we also have the ability to undertake a survey via video call.

We ensure our prices and our pricing structure is clear and concise, ensuring our customers understand what they are paying for and what to expect. Whether it is a simple move or a large move, our aim is to provide a complete & accurate quote.

What Determines House Removals Costs?

Whether you are moving house or you are relocating offices, there are many factors that determine the costs of the overall removal. However, our free survey will consider every factor, allowing us to provide our clients with an honest quote. So, what influence the cost of a move?

● The number of items that you require moving will feed into the overall volume. This is the amount of space that will be required inside our removal vehicles. This will then inform us of the number of vehicles and the size of the vehicles required to undertake your move.
● The simplicity of the move will also be factored into the cost. If our removal experts have to negotiate flights of stairs without the assistance of a lift to move someone onto an upper floor, then the cost is going to be more significant than undertaking a bungalow move.
● The location of the move and the distance we have to travel will also determine the cost. If you are moving to a new property in the same town then the cost is going to be lower than if you were moving to another location in the UK or even in Europe.
● It is common for costs to be higher during weekends and holiday times. This is down to the fact that transportation costs are higher due to tolls or ferry costs.
● There are some items that require specialist equipment or packing to ensure that they are transported safely and securely. These could be large, bulky items or art pieces. These will require special attention and that will increase the cost.
● Access to the property is also something that we need to consider. A property that can be easily accessed by our personnel or has good road access is going to be priced lower than a property with access challenges.
● We can provide boxes where required and these are chargeable.

Keeping The Cost Of Home Moving Low

The average cost of removal can range from £200 to £1500 but we want to help you to keep costs down. Therefore, there are several things that you can do to achieve this. We adopt an honest approach which is why we offer a free survey. We provide you with a bespoke quote with no hidden costs. This ensures that you are not hit with any nasty surprises when you are given your invoice for the work.

It is also important to obtain the costs of packing. We can take care of this for you but there is a charge for doing so. Therefore, it can help to source packing items from elsewhere and you could even pack them yourself, giving you the chance to get rid of items at the same time, helping to keep the cost down.

Excalibur Removals Company – There For You

Our entire service is designed to deliver quality, professionalism and efficiency. We provide a free survey, giving you a head start on the costs while allowing us to gain an understanding of what the job entails. We then work with our clients to understand the finer details before completing the move efficiently and effectively. For more details and to secure an accurate quote please contact us or complete the Call-Back Request Form on this page.

Additional Removals Services

In addition to traditional house removal & flat removals services, we also offer a full range of other related services such as Man With a Van Services, Student Removals, & Office Removals, in and around the Bristol area. Contact us on 0117 251 0288 for further details including details of costs.

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