Uncover Bristol’s Secret History

If you’re in the process of organising house removals in Bristol and will be setting up home in this wonderful city for the first time, you have so much to look forward to.

There’s a thriving cultural and arts scene here, and there’s also a lot of history to discover, if you know where to look.

To help you as you find your way in your new city, the Bristol Post recently highlighted some of the top secret historic sites it has to offer – even if you’ve lived here for years you may not know about all of these.

First up are the slipper baths at the Bristol South Swimming Baths. The swimming pool is still in use, but the slipper baths – a common feature in the Victorian era – have remained closed and untouched for decades. You can explore them on annual Bristol Doors open days.

You can also seek out the door to nowhere. This slightly odd feature can be found on Rutland House in Hotwells. The door was left where it was, despite the fact that it now leads nowhere, because it was deemed a historic feature when the house was redeveloped into flats in the 1970s.

Make sure you also head to Temple Church in Redhills, because the bell tower leans by over 1.5m. The church was constructed in the 1400s, so even without its leaning tower, it’s worth a visit.

As well as all the historical sites there’s plenty more to look out for. One feature to check out is the city’s latest bridge by Castle Park, which developer Cubex even asked locals to help name last year.