South Bristol Link Road Due To Open

On 16 January the long-awaited South Bristol Link Road will open to traffic for the first time.

The Bristol Post revealed that the road itself has now been completed, and council bosses are waiting for the necessary health and safety checks to be conducted before it’s able to welcome its first commuters.

It’s residents of Bedminster, Hartcliffe, Bishopsworth, Inns Court and Ashton who are set to experience the greatest benefit in terms of traffic flow, with congestion in these areas expected to reduce significantly once the new road is in use.

Drivers will be able to use this new stretch of tarmac instead of following the A38 or going through Ashton to reach the A370.

Essentially, it now joins up the other sections of Bristol’s unofficial ring road, which should make navigating the city easier for residents and visitors alike.

The newspaper cautioned that it will take time for people to start using the new route, but that once commuters and other drivers become aware of the quicker journey times it will have a positive impact on the city.

A highways spokesman told the publication: “The South Bristol Link is expected to reduce traffic on unsuitable residential roads by providing motorists with an alternative route to the A370 and A38.”

This is the second piece of good news for motorists around Bristol in 2017, with the announcement that the cost of the toll on the Severn Bridge is due to halve in 2018.

Property prices in the areas that are expected to experience less traffic following the opening of the new road could therefore improve.

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