Bristol’s Council Embracing Street Art

Graffiti is recognised by many as a valuable form of urban art, despite many local councils doing their best to remove or cover up artwork on public streets.

However, Bristol city council appears to have had a change of heart and will now be working with some of the city’s local street artists to brighten up certain areas of the city, according to the Guardian.

The council has announced it will designate a network of legal walls around Bristol, where street artists will be free to create murals and other artworks without fear of prosecution.

So far, a group of street artists has provided the city council with a list of 56 walls that they believe they should be allowed to paint on. The move by the council has been welcomed by many of the artists, who hope the quality of the work on display will improve if they don’t have to worry about dodging police while they’re painting.

One street artist Benoit Bennett – aka object – feels that encouraging graffiti artists will help the city in more ways than just providing new things to look at.

“It will create a stronger sense of joint ownership and responsibility, whilst encouraging the continued development and vivacity of the graffiti and street-art scene,” he told the newspaper.

Decay, another street artist, agreed with Bennett and added that the street art is one of the reasons why people come to Bristol.

And while Banksy is undoubtedly the most famous street artist to come from the city, there are plenty of examples of incredible urban art dotted throughout the streets of Bristol – there are even walking tours dedicated to taking in some of the most spectacular and famous pieces lining the city’s streets.

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