Moving House Checklist

They say that moving home is the most stressful experience we can go through; second only to planning a wedding. There are a lot of different things to consider and getting everything in order is removals checklistno easy task. We’ve decided to put together a handy House Moving Checklist of the essential duties in order to equip you to be as confident and prepared as possible and at least take a little of the stress out of the ordeal.

It’s important to have a To Do List of activities that need to be done and how to go about achieving that. Having a plan can help you feel in control. When it comes to the actual day of the move having professionals to help you is by far one of the easiest things you can do to smooth out the stresses. Here at Excalibur Removals & Storage Solutions we have over 20 years of experience, meaning you can be sure your goods are in safe hands. There is so much more than just physically transporting your precious cargo that goes into a stress free move, here are our helpful hints on how to go about preparing.

Early Removals Preparation

As soon as the sale has been finalised and you know the move is going through you should begin taking care of the legal side of things to ensure a smooth transition. Things like exploring the new area and scouting out the amenities and facilities can go a long way to helping you feel instantly at home in your new accommodation.

If you are currently renting then you should confirm the move out day with your landlord. Notify your doctor and dentist of the upcoming move and then begin the process of transferring correspondence and home address with your bank, HRMC, DVLA, TV licence and any other service providers. Inform your utilities such as gas and electric and check if you can continue service in the new address. Take care of admin such as organising the mortgage and having any expensive items or furniture assessed to be sure it’s covered by your insurer. Your removal firm will be able to provide cover in some respects but it’s best to have as much comfort of mind as possible. We’ve found customers who keep a detailed and updated notepad with to do lists and important dates and duties are a lot more relaxed and in charge when it comes to the big day.

As The Big Move Day Approaches

Be sure that your move goes as quickly and as easily as possible by mapping out the new property and assessing its needs in term of furniture and storage. During a move is the best time for a ruthless declutter of the home, give away unneeded furniture to friends, family or charity. Go through your belongings and take stock; there is no point in paying to transfer goods that you no longer need or use. Look into parking restrictions at both properties as you may need to apply for temporary permits for larger vehicles and this takes time to prepare. If you have pets it’s also a good idea to arrange care to have them looked after during the process. The transition is stressful enough to humans who understand what’s going on, man’s best friend certainly doesn’t need to be put through that. If you’re moving because of a new job check in with the company, it’s possible they may cover some of the cost for you.

If the move is a long one organise overnight accommodation and check with your removal firm if they offer temporary storage and at what cost it comes; if they dont they can make recommendations. Alternatively you can check online for a self storage unit near you. If possible organise to have your new home cleaned professionally in between the old owners moving out and you moving in, additionally you can begin to order in new furnishings that may be necessary and organise people around to fit carpets or carry out other work. If you’re based in Cardiff, check out the carpet cleaners in Newport Gwent. 

Imminent Departure

Dispose of any dangerous or flammable liquids, removal firms will not be able to handle these for you and it’s not recommended you do either. Finalise and confirm all details with your removal firm to be sure everything goes off without a hitch. Ensure you have enough medication if needed to cover the moving period, if you’re transferring to a new doctor it may take a little time to get sorted. Take inventory of your freezer and perishable foods and try to use them up before the move. Defrost the fridge and freezer a day before the move to ensure it’s completely dry on the day.

Pack all important documents such as birth certificates and passports in one safe and sturdy box so you know where they all are and don’t panic. If you are packing yourself and not getting the removal company to do it for you then make sure to employ a colour coding system for the new rooms in your home, otherwise simple labels will work too. If you are undertaking the packing yourself get started as soon as possible, pack up unused rooms as soon as you can. If we have one important piece of advice when it comes to packing this is it; books are heavier than you think. Never fill a big box with only books as it’s almost unliftable. Gather together your keys. Take a look around the garden and plan what you will or won’t be taking with you. Potted plants are not easily transported and the less you take the better.

Moving Day

Pack an overnight bag with all the essentials before you finish boxing up the house to ensure you’ll have everything you need without rummaging through boxes frantically. Charge your phone and leave it charging to ensure the necessary chargers are not packed away either. Identify fragile goods and keep them separate and safe, if it’s something particularly sentimental take it with you in the car, the piece of mind is worth it. Take a picture on your phone of all the relevant utility readings to ensure you’re not later smacked with unexpected charges. Ensure everything is closed and turned off as you say goodbye to your old home.

Make sure the kettle, tea and biscuits are packed in one place and clearly marked as this is the first thing you’ll want out on the other side. Once you’re in your new home, immediately take a reading and picture of the relevant utilities to be sure you start off where you should. Do a sweep of the house to ensure nothing has been left behind and place it in a safe and separate box for later delivery if it has. Put your important documents box somewhere safe and out of the way; the bathtub is usually a good spot. Give directions to your removal team and let them get to work, then just sit back, relax and wait until you’re needed. Check out this post for tips on reducing the cost of your move.

We want to make your big move as smooth and easy as possible. We hope this guide is of some use and if you want to chat or begin planning your own move give our dedicated and knowledgeable Bristol Removals team a call today on 0117 251 0288. Alternatively for smaller moves you may be interested in our dedicated Man with a Van or Student Removals services.