Ombudsman Invoked in Removals Case

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One family found out the hard way, and are now seeking help from the ombudsman after they move went wrong.

The claim that a chair, dining table and flat screen television were damaged in the process of their move on 15 December las year.

It is thought that some of the damage occurred when the dining table was moved incorrectly, what should have been done by two people was attempted by one. This then caused damage to a number of items, the family alleges.

However, their movers have claimed that they have offered them compensation, but won’t offer any more as the family didn’t take out extra insurance for the move.

Hamilton’s sales director Tony Smith told Eastern Daily Press the company had tried to resolve the issue.

“We did admit there was a problem with the table and decided to offer 55pc back for their removal,” he said. “It is very rare we go back to a customer who has taken no insurance with a good will gesture. On this occasion, we felt it was probably justified.”

The ombudsman is there to investigate issues when the people involved cannot come to a mutual agreement.

It is important to clarify the insurance status of a move, as the contents of a home can easily reach £10,000s, and often are worth much, much more. That is without even mentioning the sentimental value of your belongings.

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