Is Bristol To London A Realistic Commute?

Increasing numbers of people are looking to move outside the capital and commute to work in the city instead of living there, being driven out by rising house prices and the cost of living. But if you’re thinking about hiring a Bristol removals service and relocating to this delightful corner of southern England, make sure you’re prepared for what the commute might bring if you plan to carry on working in London.

From Bristol Temple Meads station, it takes between an hour and 45 minutes to two hours to get to London Paddington, while if you’re travelling from Bristol Parkway or Bath Spa it should take you up to 90 minutes to get to Paddington. This on its own doesn’t sound too bad but factor in the travel time it’ll take to get to the station in the first place and then to get from Paddington to your work. It may not be quite such an appealing idea after all.

Of course, if your company is fine with flexible working you could opt to make the journey to the office three times a week and then work from home twice a week, which might make it a bit more palatable. And, again, house prices in Bristol are far below those of London so you’d be able to enjoy a higher standard of living – which might be worth the price of a longer commute in the end.

With high speed rail services coming our way sooner rather than later, it might be a good idea to head further south before other people have the same idea and push house prices up in other areas.