Bristol Named As Best European City Break!

Of course, if you already live here then you already know that Bristol is an amazing and vibrant city, one that’s brilliant to both live in and to visit.

And now it seems as though others are clueing into the fact that Bristol is the place to be right now, with travel website Momondo naming it as the best place in Europe to go for a city break.

The site made good mention of the city’s love of street art (which can be found absolutely everywhere, from bridges and building walls to passageways and alleys) – and this is perhaps not a surprise since renowned urban artist Banksy himself hails from this particular part of the world. If you want to really immerse yourself in street art while here, head to graffiti gallery Stokes Croft.

“Move along, London! Bristol is leaving its industrial past behind and reinventing itself as England’s new creative hub,” the Momondo team wrote.

Similarly, Rough Guide has also placed Bristol fourth in the top ten cities around the world so it seems like we’re doing something right, doesn’t it? Mention was made of the incredible music scene, great nightlife, street art (again), and not to mention landmarks like the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the River Avon, as well as all the “charming old pubs”.

Have a read of these two articles and make up your own mind whether you want to come and check out what Bristol has to offer. And don’t forget, if you ever decide to up sticks and relocate here call Bristol removals company Excalibur should you need a helping hand.