Bristol Promised Underground In Ten Years

Bristol’s mayor Marvin Rees has announced that he plans to deliver an underground network of three railway lines for Bristol by 2027.

Under the proposals, there would be lines linking the city centre to Bristol Airport, Bradley Stoke and Emersons Green and the scheme is expected to cost £4 billion to deliver.

Mr Rees told the BBC that the city needs to provide people with an alternative to driving. “We have no viable mass transit system in the city and we’ve got to give people a viable alternative to using the car,” he stated.

He added that creating an underground network would “protect the beautiful surface of our city”.

However, the proposals have been met with scepticism by many, with the Bristol Post pointing out that there are a number of other infrastructure projects in the city that have yet to get off the ground – and that an underground system will be more complicated.

Others have been supportive of the plans, and urged other Bristolians to do the same. Jane Sommerville told the publication that this project is much needed in the city and urged others to get behind it.

“Perhaps instead of moaning and complaining, people could try and support new ideas and help shape them,” she stated.

If you’re in the process of looking for a new home in Bristol and arranging home removals in Bristol, you may want to consider where the new lines are proposed to go, as properties within easy reach of an underground stop are likely to be highly sought after, if the plans come to fruition.