Bristol’s Council Embracing Street Art

Graffiti is recognised by many as a valuable form of urban art, despite many local councils doing their best to remove or cover up artwork on public streets.

However, Bristol city council appears to have had a change of heart and will now be working with some of the city’s local street artists to brighten up certain areas of the city, according to the Guardian.

The council has announced it will designate a network of legal walls around Bristol, where street artists will be free to create murals and other artworks without fear of prosecution.

So far, a group of street artists has provided the city council with a list of 56 walls that they believe they should be allowed to paint on. The move by the council has been welcomed by many of the artists, who hope the quality of the work on display will improve if they don’t have to worry about dodging police while they’re painting.

One street artist Benoit Bennett – aka object – feels that encouraging graffiti artists will help the city in more ways than just providing new things to look at.

“It will create a stronger sense of joint ownership and responsibility, whilst encouraging the continued development and vivacity of the graffiti and street-art scene,” he told the newspaper.

Decay, another street artist, agreed with Bennett and added that the street art is one of the reasons why people come to Bristol.

And while Banksy is undoubtedly the most famous street artist to come from the city, there are plenty of examples of incredible urban art dotted throughout the streets of Bristol – there are even walking tours dedicated to taking in some of the most spectacular and famous pieces lining the city’s streets.

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Bristol Named As Best European City Break!

Of course, if you already live here then you already know that Bristol is an amazing and vibrant city, one that’s brilliant to both live in and to visit.

And now it seems as though others are clueing into the fact that Bristol is the place to be right now, with travel website Momondo naming it as the best place in Europe to go for a city break.

The site made good mention of the city’s love of street art (which can be found absolutely everywhere, from bridges and building walls to passageways and alleys) – and this is perhaps not a surprise since renowned urban artist Banksy himself hails from this particular part of the world. If you want to really immerse yourself in street art while here, head to graffiti gallery Stokes Croft.

“Move along, London! Bristol is leaving its industrial past behind and reinventing itself as England’s new creative hub,” the Momondo team wrote.

Similarly, Rough Guide has also placed Bristol fourth in the top ten cities around the world so it seems like we’re doing something right, doesn’t it? Mention was made of the incredible music scene, great nightlife, street art (again), and not to mention landmarks like the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the River Avon, as well as all the “charming old pubs”.

Have a read of these two articles and make up your own mind whether you want to come and check out what Bristol has to offer. And don’t forget, if you ever decide to up sticks and relocate here call Bristol removals company Excalibur should you need a helping hand.

South Bristol Link Road Due To Open

On 16 January the long-awaited South Bristol Link Road will open to traffic for the first time.

The Bristol Post revealed that the road itself has now been completed, and council bosses are waiting for the necessary health and safety checks to be conducted before it’s able to welcome its first commuters.

It’s residents of Bedminster, Hartcliffe, Bishopsworth, Inns Court and Ashton who are set to experience the greatest benefit in terms of traffic flow, with congestion in these areas expected to reduce significantly once the new road is in use.

Drivers will be able to use this new stretch of tarmac instead of following the A38 or going through Ashton to reach the A370.

Essentially, it now joins up the other sections of Bristol’s unofficial ring road, which should make navigating the city easier for residents and visitors alike.

The newspaper cautioned that it will take time for people to start using the new route, but that once commuters and other drivers become aware of the quicker journey times it will have a positive impact on the city.

A highways spokesman told the publication: “The South Bristol Link is expected to reduce traffic on unsuitable residential roads by providing motorists with an alternative route to the A370 and A38.”

This is the second piece of good news for motorists around Bristol in 2017, with the announcement that the cost of the toll on the Severn Bridge is due to halve in 2018.

Property prices in the areas that are expected to experience less traffic following the opening of the new road could therefore improve.

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Bristol Commuters ‘Relocating’ Because Of Toll Bridge Reductions

It’s being suggested that prospective home buyers in the Bristol area are looking to make the move from the region to south Monmouthshire in preparation for the Severn Bridge toll reductions, which are set to be halved come the year 2018.

According to the BBC, estate agents are now saying that around 80 per cent of househunters are coming from Bristol in the hopes that they’ll bag themselves a property bargain before the tolls come down.

It’s perhaps unsurprising that people are looking to relocate from Bristol to other parts of the UK, with house prices in the city climbing 37 per cent in the last five years. South-east Wales is sure to be particularly attractive to people keen to move house and start a new chapter elsewhere.

Speaking to the news source, estate agent Charles Heaven said: “Houses are in huge demand. In fact, there aren’t enough houses. Property is being snapped up within days, sometimes hours and prices are flying up. With the railway electrification of the south Wales mainline, the planned south Wales Metro, the proposed M4 Relief Road around Newport, coupled with the beautiful countryside of south Monmouthshire and the Wye Valley, this is desirable place to live.”

That said, Bristol will always be a popular place for people looking to move house. In fact, estate agent Knight Frank has just revealed that average property prices in the city climbed by 15.8 per cent over the third quarter of 2016, meaning that it ranks third in terms of house price growth across the whole of Europe, behind Budapest and Oslo.

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Family Raves Come To Bristol!

If you and your family are planning on making the move to Bristol, or perhaps you’ve just relocated there and are wondering what’s on offer for kid-friendly activities, why don’t you sign yourself up for one of Big Fish Little Fish’s family raves?

These are day parties that come complete with a live DJ and lots of fun goings-on to keep your little ones well entertained for hours on end. There’s actually a special Jingle Bell Ball Christmas Party being hold at the Trinity Centre in the city, with DJ Alex Paterson of The Orb headlining, alongside resident DJ Little My and special guest Benjamin Smith.

As well as lots of music and dancing, there will be a local storyteller on hand to share traditional tales of Christmas that will be suitable for all ages, as well as a giant parachute dance, play areas, crafting, a mural and a baby chillout area… so you’re all sure to have a good time.

According to the Bristol Post, the event will be taking place on December 11th and 13:30, with tickets via the official Big Fish Little Fish website. Fancy dress is apparently optional but encouraged so make sure you and your kids all dress up for the festivities!

There are all sorts of other Big Fish Little Fish events that go on throughout the year, in Bristol and in London as well, so keep an eye on the website to see if there’s something going on in your local area this month and next year as well.

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