Public Invited To Name Bristol’s New Bridge

There are lots of great things about living in Bristol, but the community spirit is definitely up there with the best.

Cubex, the developers of a new bridge crossing by Castle Park, have demonstrated why it’s so much fun to live in the city by asking residents to come up with suggested names for this new footway.

Speaking to Bristol247, Cubex director the aptly named Gavin Bridge explained why they decided to give people a chance to contribute.

“We like to engage with the city and we thought it would be a good idea to hack into the quirkiness of Bristol,” he explained.

Other recent attempts at asking the public to name something might have put other companies off – Boaty McBoatface is the most obvious example where officials may not have got what they bargained for. However, Mr Bridge said there is a panel of judges to sort through the suggestions and choose the most appropriate one.

He added that they want to make sure that the name they select is “right for the bridge and right for Bristol”.

Among the current suggestions are Old Brewery Bridge, The Drawbridge, Curvy Wurvy and Brunel’s Walk. There’s still time to submit ideas, with the form for suggestions online, at the Finzels Reach website, until Friday 17 March.

The bridge is part of a wider redevelopment scheme at Finzels Reach, which was formerly a sugar refinery and brewery. If you’re looking for somewhere to live in Bristol this could be a great choice, with 440 new homes set to be constructed here, alongside offices and a hotel.

Retail, restaurant and leisure space will also be created as part of the new development. The aim is to make this part of the city between Temple Meads and Castle Park a thriving hub for locals to enjoy.

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8 Brilliant Facts About Bristol

If you’re your planning a move to the South West you might be interested in the best house removals Bristol has to offer. Here’s a list of some fun and interesting facts about Bristol you might not know from

  1. First up your favourite childhood drink Ribena was created by scientist Vernon Charley at the University of Bristol in 1933
  2. Notorious pirate Blackbeard called Bristol city home, famous for sailing the Caribbean seas in the 18th century he was reported to have had over 10 wives!
  3. Thrill seekers might be interested to know that the world’s first ever bungee jump took place off of Bristol’s famous suspension bridge.
  4. One for any Fools and Horses fans, the Peckham estate and block of flats featured in the show is actually located in South Bristol. Possibly everyone’s most memorable scene from the show batman and Robin was also created here.
  5. New York City holds a piece of Bristol as the waterside plaza was constructed from the rubble left after bombing in World War II, and shipped all the way across the pond.
  6. Bristol’s Highbury Vaults was the pub where prisoners were taken to before they were due to hanged and given their final meal.
  7. If you fancy setting eyes on a grizzly artefact, the M Shed Museum contained a book bound together with human skin belonging to that of John Horton who was convicted of murdering his wife in 1821.
  8. The Steam Crane Pub formally known as The Bull located on North Street housed a live tiger, used to attract the interest of potential customers.

How To Move In With A Partner Successfully

Making the decision to move in together will always be a big one – and you might well be surprised that co-habitation can actually facilitate the breakdown of a relationship a lot quicker than if you’d just stayed in your own homes!

But, according to relationship therapist Christine Northam, you can move in together successfully and stay together at the same time! She told the Independent that it’s important to think about why you want to move in with your partner as doing so could be a sign of commitment that you’re actually not ready to make. So think about whether it’s desire or circumstances driving the decision.

“For some couples, an opportunity comes up to move in together and one is dead keen while the other us unsure. You both need to want to do it. It is best to have some kind of rationale as to why you are doing it. There is a financial aspect as well as an emotional aspect,” she said.

To prepare yourselves for moving in, make sure you talk about it first and that you’re both actually ready for this step. Discuss your finances so you know there are no secrets and that there won’t be any problems with bills, mortgages and so on later down the line. You might also want to get a second opinion from a close friend or relative to see if they think it’s a good idea. They might also have a few words of wisdom for you.

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Does Bristol Have The Country’s Best Food Scene?

One journalist writing for the Financial Times seems to think so. Tim Hayward recently spent a couple of days sampling the delights of Bristol’s restaurants and cafes, and he described the city as having “arguably the best food scene in the UK at the moment”.

He had particular praise for Cargo, an area of the city filled with small restaurants and retail businesses housed in shipping containers. Mr Hayward mentioned Woky Ko, run by Masterchef finalist Larkin Cen, as well as Box E that only has 14 seats and specialises in British cuisine.

Another highlight for Mr Hayward was dinner at Shop 3 Bistro, a restaurant run by New Zealand chef Stephen Gilchrist and his British partner, a west country local, Kathryn Curtis. As well as being overwhelmingly positive about the three courses he ate, he was also impressed by the service.

“I should mention here that the service at Shop 3 Bistro was some of the most charming, unaffected and professional I’ve experienced in too long a time,” he wrote.

If you’re looking for something a little less high-class for your dinner, you might want to check out one of the recommendations from the Bristol Post for the city’s best burger.

Among the newspaper’s top choices are the Burger Joint, which it claims should win “on options alone”, the Oowee Diner, and the Three Brothers, which is apparently one of the best value burger joints in the city.

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Is Bristol To London A Realistic Commute?

Increasing numbers of people are looking to move outside the capital and commute to work in the city instead of living there, being driven out by rising house prices and the cost of living. But if you’re thinking about hiring a Bristol removals service and relocating to this delightful corner of southern England, make sure you’re prepared for what the commute might bring if you plan to carry on working in London.

From Bristol Temple Meads station, it takes between an hour and 45 minutes to two hours to get to London Paddington, while if you’re travelling from Bristol Parkway or Bath Spa it should take you up to 90 minutes to get to Paddington. This on its own doesn’t sound too bad but factor in the travel time it’ll take to get to the station in the first place and then to get from Paddington to your work. It may not be quite such an appealing idea after all.

Of course, if your company is fine with flexible working you could opt to make the journey to the office three times a week and then work from home twice a week, which might make it a bit more palatable. And, again, house prices in Bristol are far below those of London so you’d be able to enjoy a higher standard of living – which might be worth the price of a longer commute in the end.

With high speed rail services coming our way sooner rather than later, it might be a good idea to head further south before other people have the same idea and push house prices up in other areas.