Banksy Confirms New UK Artwork Is His

If you’re an art-lover, this is the city for you – so let us be your choice of Bristol removals to make sure your masterpieces make it to your new home in one piece. A thriving independent artist scene, an arts university, a regular art fair are just for starters – and of course, don’t forget one of Bristol’s biggest exports, Banksy.

While the graffiti artist has been known to create his artworks around the world since his rise to notoriety, he’s proved this week that he hasn’t left his home country behind. An artwork in his signature style appeared on a bridge in the city of Hull, but with many imitators, some were unsure if the work was authentic.

However, the incognito artist has admitted the artwork is one of his by acknowledging the piece of graffiti on his Instagram account, according to the Bristol Post.  The artwork depicts a boy with a wooden sword with a colander on his head sitting atop a wall next to the message: ‘draw the raised bridge’. The work is painted on a drawbridge.

Many of Banksy’s originals remain untouched in Bristol’s city, however, many have also disappeared over time, down to vandalism or as part of local council clear ups. However, Visit Bristol gives a run down of those that remain, suggesting it makes a perfect walking tour of the city. The list of seven works extend from Bristol city centre to outlying areas of Stoke Crofts and Easton, and also includes a statue – a remainder of his collaboration with Bristol museum in 2009.