8 Brilliant Facts About Bristol

If you’re your planning a move to the South West you might be interested in the best house removals Bristol has to offer. Here’s a list of some fun and interesting facts about Bristol you might not know from inews.co.uk

  1. First up your favourite childhood drink Ribena was created by scientist Vernon Charley at the University of Bristol in 1933
  2. Notorious pirate Blackbeard called Bristol city home, famous for sailing the Caribbean seas in the 18th century he was reported to have had over 10 wives!
  3. Thrill seekers might be interested to know that the world’s first ever bungee jump took place off of Bristol’s famous suspension bridge.
  4. One for any Fools and Horses fans, the Peckham estate and block of flats featured in the show is actually located in South Bristol. Possibly everyone’s most memorable scene from the show batman and Robin was also created here.
  5. New York City holds a piece of Bristol as the waterside plaza was constructed from the rubble left after bombing in World War II, and shipped all the way across the pond.
  6. Bristol’s Highbury Vaults was the pub where prisoners were taken to before they were due to hanged and given their final meal.
  7. If you fancy setting eyes on a grizzly artefact, the M Shed Museum contained a book bound together with human skin belonging to that of John Horton who was convicted of murdering his wife in 1821.
  8. The Steam Crane Pub formally known as The Bull located on North Street housed a live tiger, used to attract the interest of potential customers.