5 Tips For Moving House At Christmas

Moving day is always stressful but if you find yourself having to relocate over Christmas, it can become a hundred times worse. Maybe even a thousand. However, with a bit of planning and forethought it doesn’t have to be all that bad. Here are five tips to help you out.

Plan ahead

Try and sort out your moving date so it’s before December 24th. And you should always confirm your moving date well in advance so you know what kind of goals you’re working towards.

Sort your quotes out

Make sure you’re organised enough that you’ve got several quotes from different removals companies and you can pick your favourite one, so you can move out on the day you want – not on the day you’re left with. This will also give you a target of when you have to get everything done by.

Have salt and grit to hand

It’s December and here in the UK they’re predicting that we’re going to see 120 days of snow this winter, so make sure you’re prepared for slippery roads and driveways, and have lots of salt and grit at your disposal.

Do your Christmas shopping first

You’re going to be so busy with the move that you could quite easily forget about your Christmas shopping. Stock the fridge and freezer early so you know you’ve got all the food you need, and get your present shopping done as soon as you can.


Make sure you label your Christmas decorations clearly so you can find them easily in amongst all the muddle. That way you can make your new home really festive, which will help you all settle in.

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